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Dispelling The Illusion of Distance: A Meditation

How do we measure distance? Is it the miles between cities, the silence between words? Is it to be measured in quality and depth of experience the way we measure intimacy and closeness? Is distance the length of time it takes us to get from one place to another? Or is distance the cold silence between two bodies pushed together by lust, by blood, by circumstance, or by subway trains and airport trams? It would seem distance is no respecter of place nor proximity. Distance is no subordinate of time or space.

Distance is what reminds us of our own loneliness, sometimes even in the presence of others with mouths gaping open and words spewing forth as geysers yet we don't hear anything they are saying. Distance is the measure of our individual person. It is the orbit of our singular disposition.

There are some friends we have which no matter how much time or separation occurs, we see the immediacy of one another upon meeting. We pick up right where we left off as if the space between …

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