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Abstract Art, Avant-garde Performance and Artists of Faith

I have been a performing artist since I was barely thirteen years old. Eight, if you count the time I arranged every chair in my parent’s house as a concert hall and sold tickets for the family to watch me perform original compositions on an air organ and makeshift percussion. I guess you could say I’ve been an abstract artist from the start. I’ve always been drawn to avant-garde or non-linear expressions in art and in life.
This led my musical explorations to the indigenous sounds of West African, Middle-Eastern and other forms of non-Western musical traditions. In poetry, this love of the abstract brought me the surrealists, Andre’ Breton, Guilaume Apollinaire, and in earlier years, the Lizard King himself, Jim Morrison.
I had a short fling in college as an Art and English major where I made several of what Marcel Duchamp coined as “Readymades” though it would be years before I knew to call them as such. I took the muffler that had fallen off of my eight hundred dollar Toyota Terce…

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