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Seasick Within The Promise

we take breath for granted
until the moment it is not given
we remember
the orange moon only blinks before us
as breath permits it to enter our swollen gaze -

our hands embrace such familiar illusions
that all is as it will be -
we laugh in the face of the inevitable
and call our friends to recount the stories -
once forgotten,
never as they were before

what do you remember about the silver sliver
prancing in semi-glass reflections of our times?

taken for granted and spilled into reservoirs of matter and dreams
equally touched, equally mist
we kissed our own wakefulness in requiem
and in sly efforts to defy the single-filed tyranny of time.

we are called to attention
in the terror of our amplified rhymes
nudging us forward
in a plentitude of cynicism and hope.
our greatest pain serves to remind us
we are awake and gambling
with the recurrence of will and restitution

perhaps forgiveness is in order
for all the animals tried to tell us
as they bobbed and bellowed

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