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Randomness and The Desire for Meaning

This morning, my children left a collection of items on the breakfast table - a model of the Eiffel Tower, a Rubix cube and a blue whale figurine sitting on top of a glass heart. These unrelated objects drew my attention and I wondered what they each had to do with the other. Nothing, as it would seem. They were just a random collection gathered from different corners of the house and abandoned here for what? No purpose, no meaning. I'm sure the kids were playing and there is something I don't know. 
Encountering randomness impacts us in different ways, beginning with the initial shock of meaninglessness, lack of relationship or cohesiveness to the context. Our brains either dismiss it altogether or work overtime to find the connecting pieces. This is true in the cases of tragedies such as the all-too-common shootings happening in our nation. Why did they do it? What purpose or motive spurred them on? It is also true in instances when we are faced with unexplainable situation…

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